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This workshop describes effective recruitment strategies that can predict future job performance of the candidates by assessing their competencies. Competencies are certain universal characteristics that are associated with effective employees and recognizing them is the first step towards an effective recruitment strategy. For example, by identifying and assessing learning skills and problem solving abilities, you can distinguish effective candidates for the job; this aspect is related to inquisitiveness and decision making styles. Moreover, you can ascertain passionate candidates that will work hard; this aspect is related to drive and intrinsic motivation. And finally emotional intelligence and social skills are relevant aspects that will ensure team players and smooth interactions.

The lead facilitator, Alma Moya describes in detail the quantitative and qualitative methods which recruiters in big companies, startup CEOs and Human Resources personnel can use to measure the potential of candidates and identify the best of them according to the available position. The same techniques applied to current employees, can identify their strong and weak points, boost their performance and lead them to right career moves and better fitting positions.

Alma Moya has served as a Strategic Human Resources Director in Mitsubishi and NYK de Mexico among other international companies, for more than 14 years. Alma is distinguished in the Human Resources Field, because she brought measurable impact in the companies she worked with. Her achievements include placing NYK de Mexico in the 8th position in Top Companies ranking in her country; reducing employee turnover by implementing Perfect Fit and Talent mapping procedures; creating new and improving existing HR procedures; establishing incentives for the employees and assisting them in their future career plans. Since 10 years, Alma dedicates most of her time training leaders of diverse backgrounds to face the challenges of entrepreneurship, team work and Human Capital in general.

The workshop will be held on Friday 2nd October, from 9pm to 13pm at CO SPACE, Gumpendorferstraße 65, 1060 Vienna.

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20% of the proceedings of the workshop will enable social projects to be realized within the Idea Machine Network.

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